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Students: Submit Equation Type Assignments for Grading (Assignment Feedback)

Submitting answers to math equations can be tricky in an online class, however, we have worked out a plan that should be fairly seamless for you, once you choose a process that will work for you. First take note of whether your professor wants you to submit your answers as  a Word document or a PDF file. You should find those instructions in your Moodle course. Then follow the appropriate instructions below. Note the guide below focuses on a few methods, yes, there are many others so if you have one you love, please use it! 

My Professor Wants Me to Submit a Scanned Word Document or PDF File

Step-by-step guide

You will need to scan hard copies of your pages and save them as a Word Document or PDF File before submitting. No scanner? No problem, they are outdated anyway! These steps will show you how to scan your work using an iOS or Android device from your computer, phone, or tablet. Below are some different options for completing your homework then scanning them to place either into a Word document or to print to PDF. Please be patient as you work out your process.

Option 1: Pencil & Paper, or Whiteboard & Cell Phone

  1. Print out your homework assignment and complete it by hand or work out the equations on a whiteboard.

  2. Use the Office Lens app (for Android or IOS) which will walk you through taking a digital photograph of your document(s) or whiteboard work and will then convert it into a Microsoft Word document or PDF file to submit in Moodle.

Need More Help

Option 2: Pencil & Paper and Scanner

  1. Print out your homework assignment and complete it by hand.

  2. Use a scanner to create an image of your document(s), then insert the image(s) into a Microsoft Word document to submit in Moodle OR save the image file as a PDF to submit in Moodle.

Option 3: Tablet or Touchscreen Computer/Laptop

  1. Open your homework assignment in Microsoft Word and use the Ink tool to complete the equations.

  2. Please view the Draw and write with ink in Office article to see how this works. because  the available inking features depend on the type of device you're using and which version of Office you're using.

  3. Save the file in Microsoft Word. If you need to submit a PDF, now choose Print to PDF and submit that file in Moodle.


Your homework file must be submitted in the Moodle drop box as a single .docx file or PDF file, as directed by your professor, with all pages in order.

Your professor will grade your submission in Word using the ink tool giving targeted feedback on your answers and return the file to you for your review.