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Copy Content from one Course to another in Moodle (Import)


Teachers can reuse course content from a prior term by using Moodle's course Import function in the Course administration tools.*

*Teachers can import from Moodle 4 only. If course is from Spring 2023 or earlier and is only in Moodle 3, the import will need to be completed by TLC staff. Please contact, if you are not sure.


1) Go to the desired course, and Turn Editing On.

2) Locate Import on the right under Course Administration.


3) Then Select or Search for the course that you would like to import from and click Continue.


3) Then step through the wizard to select the course items that you would like to import.

  • If you want to import everything, click Jump to final step.
  • If there are activities and resources you do not want to include, click Next and you will have the opportunity to deselect them.

Wizard for copy course

4) Deselect any activities and resources you do not want imported.

5) Click Finish and perform import.

back up settings for moodle copy course

After completing the Import, look to see if you have any External Tool activities in your course, as you may need to update links.  

Unwanted Student Data?

If after you import, you find there is student data, forum posts or grade book items you wish to delete, you can choose to Restore, and deselect student data. The Restore process is very similar to the import process.



For additional assistance please contact, Clarkson OIT Help Desk; Email: Call: 315-268-HELP (x4357)