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Add Text and Media (formerly Label) to the Moodle Course Page


Teachers use the Text and Media area (formerly Label) resource tool to display information on the Moodle course page. This displays information to students from the topics areas on the main Moodle course page. This varies from the Page tool which creates a space similar to a webpage that Teachers can use to display content when students click to view the page.

This Guide Will Help You to:

  • Locate the Text and Media area tool.
  • Add it to the Course Page.
  • Add text, images, hyperlinks and more. 
Example Text and Media Tool:image.png

Text and Media area Tool

To add a Text and Media area tool for students to view on the Moodle course page:

3. From the Moodle course page, click to Turn editing on.


2. In the topic area you would like to add the page, click Add an activity or resource towards the bottom left corner.image.png

3. Select Text and Media area tile from the pop out menu.


4. Enter your content in the Text and media text box. You can use all of the same word processing tools that you use in other areas of Moodle, including bullets, images, links, etc.

5. Click Save and return to course.

Seek Further Assistance

For additional assistance please contact, Clarkson OIT Help Desk;

Call: 315-268-HELP (x4357)