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Moodle 4 Gradebook

Consider the following resources when learning how to set up your gradebook in Moodle:

1) Moodle 4 Gradebook Webinar by Moodle US

Moodle Gradebook is a powerful, flexible, accurate grade management system.

With its natural aggregation system, teachers can leverage sum-of-points, percentage-category, and other grading strategies independently or simultaneously.

This webinar will break down the inner workings of gradebook using arithmetic and explain how to customize its calculations to meet the needs of teachers using several common grading strategies, as well as a few uncommon ones suggested by our attendees.

In this webinar, you'll learn how to:

  • Create grade items and categories
  • Integrate automatically graded activities into gradebook
  • Set up gradebook to accommodate both sum-of-points and percentage-category grading strategies
  • Add extra credit items at the category and course level
  • Customize the student view of gradebook to meet the needs of individual courses
  • Export and import grade items.

2) How to Setup Gradebook in Moodle 4

A quick demonstration of how to setup the Moodle gradebook cover the most important settings that you need use to get started with grades and gradebook, designed especially for Moodle 4.0. 

  • 0:00 What is gradebook?
  • 01:07 Adding an assignment to gradebook
  • 02:35 Adding a quiz to gradebook
  • 03:52 Adding an assignment using a scale
  • 05:19 What does gradebook look like for a teacher?
  • 08:40 What does gradebook look like for our students?
  • 10:10 Reordering items in gradebook
  • 10:39 Using weightings
  • 14:16 Changing the Grade view format
  • 16:09 Removing columns from the student grade report