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Post an Announcement

The Announcement tool allows you to post a message to everyone enrolled in your course. All announcement messages that you post will also automatically be sent to students' email accounts. This is a great way to easily and quickly get a message out to your students.

From your Moodle course:

  1. Click your announcements tool from the top portion of the course homepage (could be called Announcements or News & Announcements).
  2. Click Add a new topic.
  3. Enter a Subject.
  4. Enter your Message. You can use all of the same word processing tools that you use in other areas of Moodle, including bullets, images, links, etc.
  5. Click Post to forum.
  6. The announcement has a delay of 30 minutes so that you may go back and edit your post if needed. After 30 minutes, it will post to students and send to their email.