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Turnitin for Instructors: Using outside of Moodle

Instructors at Clarkson University may wish to use Turnitin outside of Moodle to review individual papers.  Here's how:

If you do not already have an Instructor account in Turnitin, or if you are not sure, contact the Help Desk to request a Clarkson Turnitin account.  

If you have already used Turnitin through Moodle at Clarkson, you already have an instructor account.  

To begin using Turnitin outside of Moodle, go to:
  • Click Log In
  • Enter your Clarkson email address

  • For first time users or if you forget your Turnitin Password, click Forget Password.  Follow instructions to reset password:

Go to:

Enter the email address you use to access Turnitin. Also enter your "last name" and then click "Next."
Note: your "last name" is whatever is stored in your Turnitin user profile.
The system may ask you for the answer to your secret question. Enter the answer and click "Next" to reset your password immediately. Otherwise, click “Forgot the Answer” and an email will be sent to you with a unique password (re)set link.
Once you receive the password reset email, you must use the link provided within 24 hours to set a new password.
Your new password is case sensitive, must be alpha numeric, and contain between 6-12 characters. Example: Password1.

Please check your spam, bulk or junk folder for the password reset email as it is sometimes filtered as spam. You may wish to add "" to your list of email contacts to further ensure that our mail is not filtered out from your inbox, as this does sometimes occur. If using a "school supplied" email address, your institution's network administrator may need to be contacted in order to white-list ""

Note: If you are a student, and your email address is not acknowledged by the system, please contact your instructor for the class you are enrolled in. Your instructor can check his or her "students" list to verify the e-mail address and last name you are enrolled with. Due to privacy and security regulations we are unable to release this information. It is possible that you may have used an email address to create your user profile that is different from the one you are trying to log in with, or there was a "typo" in the email provided.

  • Also first time users will need to activate Quick Submit in order to submit a paper without first creating a class and assignment.  

To activate the Quick Submit feature, please do the following:

Sign into your instructor account.
Click on the “User Info” tab at the top of the screen.
Select “Yes” from the “activate quick submit:” pull down menu.
Click “Submit”.

  • Once logged in at the Turnitin screen, click Quick Submit:

Click to View Video Tutorial: How to Use Quick Submit (4:35 min)

Steps to using Quick Submit:

1) Click the Submit button:

2) Select the desired options, then click Submit.
3) Fill in the name of the student you wish to submit the paper for.
4) Fill in the title of the submission.
5) Select an upload option.
"Choose from this computer" - Browse to a file saved on the computer. Select the file and then click "Open."
"Choose from Dropbox" - Browse to a file saved to your account and then click "Choose."
"Choose from Google Drive™" - Browse to a Document file from your Google Drive account and then click "Select." (You may need to click "Accept" before connecting).
Click "Upload."
A new page will load with a preview window. Click "Confirm" to confirm your submission.