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Clarkson Best Practices for Using Moodle

Faculty and staff can expect that our students are experienced learning management system users and will most likely look to how the Moodle LMS is used in your class. Please keep your course Moodle page looking professional by following these three simple best practices each semester.


1. At minimum post your syllabus and add an explanation of how you will use Moodle (or not use) in a welcoming paragraph.

  • Note there is now a syllabus button at the top of the course, please follow directions to replace your syllabus each semester.
  • Customize the Getting Started instructions to your course so students know how they can expect to use Moodle in your course.


2. Delete or Hide any sections you do not use. (With editing turned on, click the ellipse to the right of the section:


3. Although not yet mandatory, we encourage you to use the gradebook.

If you need any help designing or setting up anything in Moodle, please reach out by sending an email to

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