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Edit Profile

In Moodle 4, you can use the Description feature in your Profile to communicate important information about yourself automatically in any course which you have the Teacher role in. This is a great way to share your instructor bio, contact information, and office hours.

Note that you cannot customize your profile description for each course.

Information in your profile description will display in the Course Info area in every course which you have the Teacher role in. In the example below, the left is with an empty profile description, and the right is with a link to bio and contact information in the profile description.

Without customized profile description:                                        With customized profile description:


To add information to your profile description:

  1. Click the profile icon in the top right corner of Moodle.


  2. Click Profile.


  3. Click Edit Profile from the User Details area of your profile.


  4. Add pertinent information in the Description area.


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