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Migration Checklist


Welcome to Moodle 4.1.

Our Moodle environment has changed! After extensive testing (thank you to the team and beta testers!) your course is ready for your updates and revisions in Moodle 4. Please use this checklist as a guide for additional revisions you may need to make due to this change. Take your time to learn the layout, navigation is what has changed the most. Please reach out for help if you are struggling.
IMPORTANT! Students always see the following three buttons when they access a course homepage.
image.png1. To edit any of the content on the Course Syllabus or Course Info buttons, instructors will click the Course Management gear image.png and choose Edit Course Settings. image.png .
2. To edit Course Content, turn Editing on and scroll through the sections as usual to make your revisions.

Moodle Profile

Set up your personal Moodle Profile. We encourage you to set up your personal Moodle Profile. Information you provide here will show up on the Course Info page in every course that you have the official Teacher role in. Instructions: Edit Profile

Course Info

Fill out the information. The Course Info area will display both the Course Summary and information from your personal Moodle profile (see above). You can edit the Course Info content in the Course Settings. You may want to add a short course description here or any other important information you want students to have available throughout the semester. The TLC has linked any information that was located in the My Quick Resources block (besides the syllabus) from the course they migrated for you from Moodle 3.

Course Syllabus

Link your Course Syllabus. As part of the migration process, the TLC has linked your course syllabus in the new Course Syllabus area of the course, if they could locate it within the course they migrated from Moodle 3. You will most likely need to edit it or update the file for the upcoming term, and can do so within Course Settings (Post the Course Syllabus Instructions).
Screenshot 2023-04-24 at 15-21-35 Course Semester Template Master.png
If you had your previous syllabus linked from Google Drive, you can edit it right from the course link. If you have your syllabus as a Word document or PDF, you will link the file from within the custom field. Create an Active Hyperlink.

You also have the option to copy and paste your current syllabus into the custom field located in the Course Settings below the course summary (some revising will be needed but it looks nice from the link).

Bulleted Lists

Check your bullets. Bulleted lists may need reordering-see example below:

Gradebook Setup

Check your Gradebook. Turn Editing on and click Grades in the Course Manager. Scroll down on the right to find the Gradebook Administration block and Gradebook Set up. Review the Moodle 4 gradebook setup compared with how the Moodle 3 Gradebook was set up. Are all items in categories or in the correct category? Are the weights correct?

Open Forums -> Forums

Recreate Open Forums to Forums. Did you have discussions in your course which were created using the Open Forum tool? Screenshot 2023-04-19 at 13-34-12 Course Foundations of Teaching TESOL (TE54061_U22).png
The Open Forum tool is not available in Moodle 4, however the Forum tool forum toolis. The discussions in your course that were Open Forum did not convert into Moodle 4, so you will need to recreate them in your Moodle 4 course using the Forum tool.

Teaching Assistant Role

Give access for others to your course. From now on, only official instructors will have the Teacher role. All others that need teacher-like access should receive the Teacher Support role (for those providing course support, not in a teaching role, etc.) or Teaching Assistant role (for those fulfilling a teaching assistant role and teaching, grading, etc.). You can add users as Teacher Support or Teaching Assistant.

Set up External Tool links. If you have external tools such as VoiceThread*, Echo360, Zoom (see Set Up Virtual Class and Recordings in Moodle) or Perusal, check the link to make sure it is still connected to the tool. Click on Edit settings next to the external tool link, if you see Automatic, based on the tool URL you will need to reconnect by choosing the appropriate external tool. This is also a good time to check the Grade area of the settings, you may want to choose None for some tools and set points for others. You can also check that the correct Grade category is selected.


If you are currently using VT, you will see just a blank page when you click on the link to your previous assignments. At a glance, if you see this icon, you know the VT external tool needs to be reconnected. 


You will now connect your VTs differently than you are used to, but the good news is that you won't have to reconnect each semester hereafter. Follow these Steps to Reconnect VoiceThread in Moodle 4 or watch this video to reconnect each of your VoiceThreads in Moodle 4.

When you see this icon, you know your VT external tool is connected:


Learn all about Moodle 4.1 on the TLC website.

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