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Navigate a Course in Moodle 4


You will want to navigate to your course's important information quickly. From the Course Main Page, you will want to become familiar with course information located at the buttons prominently located there. Select Course Content, Course Syllabus, Course Info and Grades buttons for course information posted by your instructor.  

This Guide Will Help You To:

  • Navigate your course including course content, course syllabus, course info and grades.
  • View Course Main page

Navigate Your Course

Course Content - drop down menu contains links to each topic, module or week (depending on how your instructor organizes your course). 


Select desired topic to access course resources and activities. 

In each topic, students will find course resources and activities posted by their instructor. Students should scroll and click to select desired topic.


Course Syllabus - contains a link to the course syllabus.

Course Info - contains course instructor names, emails; as well as other important course information. This can be helpful for locating contact information. 

Grades - contains your grades and feedback for completed course activities.


Course Main Page

The course main page is what you see when you first enter the course. It often contains:

  • Welcome and getting started information provided by your instructor.
  • News and Announcements forum located here by default. Students can access it here for an archive of messages from your instructor.


Seek Further Assistance

For additional assistance please contact, Clarkson OIT Help Desk;

Call: 315-268-HELP (x4357)