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Communicating with Your Students in Moodle

Communicating with Students is easy with Moodle 4, and you have several options depending upon your needs.

Option 1

First, the quickest way to communicate with your students is by posting in the News & Announcements forum


Anything you post here will remain there throughout the semester as an archive, but will also be sent to the students email. 

Option 2

Another tool you might try is the Messaging tool in the upper right corner of the page:


The messaging tool is connected with your Moodle account, rather than a course. Here you can send a message that will show as a notification and can also be set to send to email. This area is customizable for you. You can search for students by name, add them to your contacts and/or create groups as needed.


More information about preferences!
You can customize your preferences in your Moodle account: