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Open quiz scores after quiz closes

How do I open scores and answers for quizzes/exams after they are finished?

If you do not want students to view a completed quiz/exam until you have reviewed the results, you may choose to turn off all review privileges for students.

To open the privileges, so students can see their quiz/exam scores, correct answers, etc.:
  1. Click the quiz/exam title from the Moodle homepage.

  2. Click Edit Settings on the in the Administration block on the right.

  3. Open the Review Options tab, and in the column After the quiz is closed, select

    • The attempt,

    • Whether correct,

    • Points, and

    • Right answer.

  4. Scroll down and click Save and return to course.

  5. Note that you must have set a closing date on the quiz, otherwise, the above options in #3 will not be available: