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VoiceThread Guest Access

If you need to add a person to a VoiceThread project, who is not enrolled as a student or an employee of Clarkson University to a VoiceThread in your course, (for example you have invited a guest speaker and would like to give them the opportunity to comment and interact with students), follow these steps.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Have the guest(s) open a free VoiceThread Account.

  2. In your course, create a new VT group for the purposes of sharing VoiceThreads for this project. Follow these instructions for creating a group.

  3. Send the group sign-up link to the guest(s). See the instructions for getting that link in the "Sign-up Link" section.

  4. Share the VoiceThreads for this project with the group, make sure to give the group Edit access, in addition to View and Comment.
    The end result here will be a group where any member can edit the VoiceThreads shared there, and people can join the group by using the link generated in step 3.