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VoiceThread Assignment: Directions for Submitting, Commenting and Viewing the Student Gallery

VoiceThread changed the Assignment feature and Clarkson adopted it in Moodle in December 2021. Assignment directions are a bit different but easier to submit your assignment and then view all of the other assignments so that you can view and comment on peer submissions. These instructions take you through the process of creating, submitting, commenting, and viewing the student gallery if your instructor has chosen that option.

Step-by-step guide

1. Start Assignment



2. Upload Media:

From the options presented, click on Add from computer and browse your computer for your slide or drag and drop your slide.


3. After adding your slide (or other media), click Continue in the yellow box at the bottom of the VT.


4. Commenting:

Click on the plus sign at the bottom of your slide and choose your method of recording; both telephone and microphone are very easy but you can also use your video-cam or upload an audio file from your computer.


5. Submitting:

Once you are satisfied with your comment, click to Save your comment and you will see your image (if you have added one to VT) or initials on the left of your slide. You have now completed your Assignment!


6. Enjoy!

Now that you have submitted, you will be able to view and optionally comment on the Student Gallery of your peers’ slides.


Using a mobile device or just want to know more? View the tutorials for creating a new assignment on the VoiceThread support page****.