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Create a Rubric for an Assignment in Moodle

Rubrics can be created for assignments in Turnitin or directly in Moodle. The instructions below show how to create them directly in Moodle.

Step-by-step guide

To create a rubric in Moodle, there are two parts. First create the assignment and choose the rubric option for the grading method.

Part 1- Prepare the assignment
  1. Turn editing on for the course. image.png

  2. Create the assignment (see Instructions for Creating an Assignment.)

  3. In the assignments settings, scroll down to the Grade section and expand the grade settings.

  4. In the Grading Method drop down menu, select Rubric (shown below) and any other settings appropriate to the assignment.


5. Save your changes and return to course. image.png

 Part 2 - Choose or create the rubric for this assignment.

  1. From the homepage of your course, click the link to open the assignment.
  2. On the right side of the screen, in the Administration block for the Assignment,  click the link for Advanced Grading.

  3.  Here you can choose to define your own rubric or use an existing rubric existing rubrics may be edited).


  4. To Define a new rubric, fill out the details of the rubric. Criteria are the rows, and level are the columns.
  5.  To Create new, search for a template. Scroll down to see all of the available rubrics. You may or may not find a suitable template. Be sure to click include my own forms so that you can reuse your rubrics in the future.


Th rubric will be available in the Grade submissions area.


See detailed information about advanced grading methods

See information about using Turnitin Rubrics.