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Add Tiles to My Homepage

PeopleSoft Financials 9.2

  • My Homepage is for your own use to add your most frequently used tiles

image2017-4-17 9_50_49.png

  • To add tiles, choose Actions List and select Personalize Homepage

image2017-4-17 9_52_36.png

  • Select the homepage where the tile currently exists

  • Click on the edit icon for the tile you wish to copy

  • Choose Copy To

  • Select My Homepage

image2017-4-17 9_58_59.png

  • Hit Save

image2017-4-17 10_1_15.png

  • My Homepage will now have the tile(s) you have copied here

image2017-4-17 10_2_12.png

You may wish to move My Homepage to the top of the homepage drop-down so it will be the default screen when you login to PeopleSoft Financials.  To do so, refer to Arrange Homepage Drop-down Order