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Salary / Wage Detail - Project / Grant

PeopleSoft Financials 9.2

  • Select the Budget Management homepage

image2017-1-11 13_42_32 (6).png

  • Choose the Query Viewer tile

image2017-4-11 17_26_25.png

  • Enter the beginning of the Query Name, hit Search

  • Click on Favorite to add this/these as a favorite query

image2017-4-15 14_43_38.png

CU_PAYROLL_EMPLOYEE_BY_PROJ will display the payroll information for a specific project/grant number

CU_PAYROLL_EMPLOYEE_PGALL will display the payroll information for all the projects/grants you have the ability to access

  • Choose HTML to run the query to your screen or Excel to download the query

image2017-4-15 14_44_40.png

    • You may encounter a pop-up blocker when trying to execute a query. Choose options and Always Allow.


  • If prompted, complete the following fields:

    • Enter a Project / Grant

    • Enter a Journal From Date and Journal To Date

  • Hit View Results

image2017-4-15 14_51_43.png

The resulting screen should look similar to this example.

image2017-4-15 14_54_41.png

  • The journal dates can be entered several different ways:

    • Using the calendar icon to select the dates

    • Using slashes

    • Entering all the digits (including zeros) without slashes

    • You can use a "t" as a shortcut for today's date


  • If you chose HTML, you can still opt to download the results to Excel using the Excel Spreadsheet hyperlink

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