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Transaction Detail - Department

PeopleSoft Financials 9.2

  • Select the Budget Management homepage

image2017-1-11 13_42_32 (8).png

  • Choose the Query Viewer tile

image2017-4-11 17_26_25 (2).png

  • Enter the beginning of the Query Name, hit Search

  • Click on Favorite to add this as a favorite query

image2017-4-11 17_29_30.png

  • Choose HTML to run the query to your screen or Excel to download the query

image2017-4-11 17_33_36.png

  • Complete the following fields:

    • Enter a Department

    • Enter a Journal From Date and Journal To Date

  • Hit View Results

  • You may encounter a pop-up blocker when trying to execute a query. Choose and Always Allow.

The resulting screen should look similar to this example.

image2017-4-11 17_54_49.png

  • The journal dates can be entered several different ways:

    • Using the calendar icon to select the dates

    • Using slashes

    • Entering all the digits (including zeros) without slashes

    • You can use a "t" as a shortcut for today's date


Sample Charges:

Journal ID

Line Descr



Payroll pay period 07/02/2016

Due to confidentiality, you will not find the details within the PS Financials System. You will need to contact Payroll for further information.



This indicates a Credit Card charge transaction on 7/25/16 to St. Lawrence Supply. It was processed on an eXpense report. Contact AP for further information.


ER 0000022418 calger

This indicates the Expense Report number for userid: calger Contact AP for further information.



This indicates Accounts Payable Voucher 256122 processed against PO 91067 to vendor Fundriver. Contact AP for further information.



This indicates Accounts Payable Voucher 257117 processed on Disbursement Order to vendor Tupper Lake. Contact AP for further information.


PARAGON 09/20/16 - 09/23/16

This indicates postage paid on the Paragon meter for the period 9/20/16-9/23/16. Contact Shipping for further information.


OIT Local/LD Usage 08/22-09/21

This indicates local/Long Distance phone usage for the period 8/22-9/21. Contact OIT for further information.


UPS 07/09/2016

This indicates postage paid to UPS on 7/9/16. Contact Shipping for further information.



This indicates receipt number 217606. Contact the Cashier for further information.


0945190 MS-EM Corporate

This indicates a Student Financials transaction for student number 0945190 with a brief description of the transaction. Contact the Bursar for further information.

  • If you chose HTML, you can still opt to download the results to Excel using the Excel Spreadsheet hyperlink

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