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OM 8.3.7 Holidays - Administrative, Supervisory, and General Staff

About This Policy

Effective Date: September 1986
Last Updated: 2014
Responsible University Office: Human Resources
Responsible University Administrator: Chief Human Resources & Deputy Chief Inclusion Officer
Applies To: Exempt and non-exempt employees 

Policy Contact:

Human Resources

Table of Contents

Policy Statement

Policy Purpose

The University designates certain days during the year as paid holidays for its employees. This policy establishes procedures for administering paid holidays.

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Policy Summary

This Policy applies to all University departments, Institutes, Centers & Schools.

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Definition of Terms

Eligible employees: Faculty and Staff (Exempt and Non-Exempt) in Regular Full-time and Part-time positions.

Temporary Full-time and Part-time positions for contracts six (6) months or more are eligible for holiday pay only if the holiday is a regularly scheduled day to work.

Special Holiday/Early release: A special holiday/early release is one that is not part of the normal Clarkson University observed holiday schedule and may ONLY be declared by the President of the University, or the President’s designee.

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Policy Statement:

Clarkson University schedules operations to allow faculty and staff to celebrate important national holidays. The observance of paid holidays provides additional opportunities for rest, and to enhance the total compensation provided to employees.

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The University administrative and supervisory staff observe the following holiday schedules.

  1. New Year's Day - January 1st
  2. Memorial Day - Last Monday in May
  3. Juneteenth - June 19th
  4. Independence Day - July 4th
  5. Thanksgiving 4th Thursday and Friday in November
  6. Christmas - 3 days adjacent to December 25 (to be announced annually)


  • Whenever a holiday falls on a Sunday, the following Monday is observed as the holiday; whenever a holiday falls on a Saturday, the preceding Friday is observed as the holiday.
  • If a University holiday falls during an employee’s authorized vacation period, the holiday will not be charged as a day of vacation time


  • To receive pay for a holiday, the employee must be in a pay status the workday preceding and the workday following the holiday.
  • Holiday time will not be paid upon termination or resignation.

Early Release

The University may authorize early release time during certain times of the year (e.g. the afternoon before the December holiday, etc.) Authorization of early release times is based on several factors and is approved at the discretion of the President or the President’s designee.

General Provisions:

The following items should be noted in those instances where an early release or a special holiday has been authorized:

  • The President’s Office or Human Resources will provide notice to the campus in the event an early release has been authorized or a special holiday has been declared.
  • If the president declares, early dismissal, or special holiday, release will be campus – wide, and not subject to individual departments. This is to ensure fair and equal treatment of all Clarkson University employees.

Work and Scheduling During a Holiday or Release Time:

Essential personnel may be required to work during an early release or special holiday; employees should consult with their supervisor to determine whether or not, their position is considered “essential” for purposes of working during an early release or declared holiday.

An employee who works during a holiday or early release time:

  • Will be paid for the hours they work and will be given appropriate compensatory time off on a straight time basis; or
  • May be paid for compensatory time on a straight time basis where department determines that allowing compensatory time off would be disruptive to critical functions (hourly employees only).

 An employee who does not work on or who is usually not scheduled to work during the special holiday or release time:

  • Will be given compensatory time off to be taken off by the end of the fiscal year; and/or
  • May have their current schedule adjusted appropriately with the release or holiday time to reflect the normal amount of hours the employee was scheduled to work.

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Revised September 1986

Revised September 1991

Editorial Revision July 1989

Revised January 1992

Revised September 1993

July 1994

Section Renumbered & Revised July 2011

Section Renumbered July 2012

Section Renumbered 2014

Revised September 2018

Combining OM and OM into OM 8.3.7 April 17 2023

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