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OM 5.2.0 Duties of a Faculty Member

About This Policy

Effective Date: September 1995
Last Updated: February 2003
Responsible University Office: President's Office
Responsible University Administrator: President

Policy Contact:

Office of the Provost

The duties of a tenurable faculty member are:


  1. thoroughly preparing for and instructing scheduled classes, 
  2. preparing, proctoring, and grading tests, examinations and papers, 
  3. preparing and distributing course outlines in accord with Regulations, 
  4. reporting grades to the registrar and department chair by announced deadlines, 
  5. holding conferences with students in general, and specifically with students and advisees during posted office hours. 


  1. pursuing scholarly activities and presenting the results thereof, 
  2. affiliating with and participating in professional societies. 


  1. serving as advisor to student extracurricular activities as appropriate, 
  2. advising students assigned by the department chair on academic matters, 
  3. maintaining familiarity with University Regulations, 
  4. serving on faculty committees as appropriate, 
  5. attending departmental and general faculty meetings as well as such University functions as convocations and commencements.


  1. providing such other temporary professional services as are deemed appropriate by the deans and department chairs (e.g., covering a class for an ill colleague on an emergency basis), 
  2. attending to those duties that are implied by this Operations Manual to pertain to the position of faculty member (e.g., attending the annual evaluation conference). 

The duties of faculty members who are not tenurable are drawn from those listed above in Sections 5.2.A through 5.2.D and are specified in their contracts.


Approved by Administrative Council, September 1995

Approved by Faculty Senate, October 1995

Revision by Faculty Senate, January 2003

Revision by Administrative Council, February 2003

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