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OM 5.10.4 Emeritus Professor Policy and Procedure

About This Policy

Effective Date: October 1975
Last Updated: July 2017
Responsible University Office: President's Office
Responsible University Administrator: President

Policy Contact:

Office of the Provost

The rank of Emeritus Professor is voted by the Trustees on recommendation of the President at the time of retirement of a member of the regular Clarkson faculty. The recommendation normally comes to the President from the cognizant dean and department chair. The President will automatically consider the case of a faculty member who has served Clarkson for more than five years.

Emeritus professor status should denote and encourage continuing ties to the University and entitles the holder to the following privileges for the lifetime of the faculty member:

  1. Participation as a faculty member during commencement and other such occasions. 
  2. Library privileges equal to those of the regular faculty. 
  3. Faculty privileges in attendance at campus activities and the use of recreational facilities. 
  4. Maintenance on appropriate University faculty listings. 
  5. Committee appointments by invitation. 
  6. Computing facilities, including local network accounts, e-mail.

At its discretion and after review by the appropriate chair and dean, the University may grant to Emeritus applicants on a yearly renewable basis the following privileges:

  1. Office space. 
  2. Phone service. 
  3. A departmental mailbox and regular mail service. 
  4. Access to laboratory space.


    Approved by the Faculty Senate October 1975

    Revised 1995

    Renumbered July 2017

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