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OM 4.1.1 Supplemental Compensation Procedures - Faculty

About This Policy

Effective Date: January 1976
Last Updated: March 2007
Responsible University Office: Human Resources
Responsible University Administrator: Chief Inclusion and Human Resources Officer

Policy Contact:

Human Resources

The following procedures will be followed in appointing any Clarkson faculty member to a position that provides extra compensation (supplemental pay).

Prior to engaging a Clarkson faculty member to perform services for which supplemental pay is received from the University, each of the following approvals must be obtained on the supplemental appointment authorization form:

  1. The request for payment can be recommended by a program or project director, department head, director of research, dean, vice president, provost, or the president. 
  2. Approvals must be obtained from the following: 
    1. The individual having budgetary responsibility for the account(s) to be charged; 
    2. The individual‘s supervisor (department chair, dean, or vice president). 
    3. Division of Research (if applicable) and 
    4. President if requested or if the total supplemental compensation to be paid exceeds the guidelines (see paragraph III below). 

For any case in which the faculty member's total supplemental compensation exceeds, or seems likely to exceed one-third of the academic year salary, additional approval must be obtained from the president. This approval must be obtained prior to any agreement with, or commitment to, the faculty member in question.


January 1976

Editorial Revision September 1977

July 1987

Revised July 1989; September 1993

Editorial Revised 1998

Editorial Revision March 2007

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