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OM 4.3.1 Wage and Salary Administration

About This Policy

Effective Date: July 1987
Last Updated: January 2004
Responsible University Office: Human Resources
Responsible University Administrator: Chief Inclusion and Human Resources Officer

Policy Contact:

Human Resources

It is the policy of Clarkson University to appropriate funds for wages and salaries under a formalized and equitable system of job evaluation and classification. The University has established rates of pay and pay ranges for positions that are evaluated by such job factors as: education or apprenticeship training required, previous experience necessary, level of responsibility assigned, supervisory responsibility and initiative required.

Consideration is given to the prevailing rates being paid in the community for similar types of work, and the University attempts to remain competitive in both salary rates and employee benefits with other colleges and universities in the area. The University must also live within its financial ability; therefore, salaries are always dependent on the availability of funds.

  1. Job Classification
    1. Formal job classifications and salary levels have been established to afford a systematic method of administering wages in an equitable manner. 
    2. Every evaluated job classification has an accepted job description that outlines the content of the job. 
    3. Job descriptions are written in general terms to encompass the duties and variations of individual assignments, and yet specific enough that the evaluations based on the content of the description are fair in relation to the duties of the individual assignment. 
  2. Salary Increases
    1. The University, within its financial ability, will attempt to provide an annual increase based upon a performance review by the department head or supervisor concerned. 
    2. Performance reviews are made not less frequently than at one year intervals. Salary adjustments, which have been recommended and approved, will become effective with the pay period closest to the beginning of the fiscal year, July 1.
  3. Reclassification 
    1. When a position has changed significantly enough because of reorganization of the department, reallocation of duties, or improved methods, a reclassification of the position to a higher or lower classification may be warranted. 
    2. In such cases, department heads should submit a request and revised job description to the dean or director or vice president of their division that a job analysis be made to determine whether the changes that have occurred warrant a request for reclassification of the position. 
    3. Upon receiving the request and revised job description, with approval of the dean, director, and vice president, the Human Resources Office will make a job analysis, assign proper level and recommend salary adjustment, if any


      July 1987

      Revised July 1989

      Editorial Revision January 2004

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