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OM 7.13.0 Charitable Fund Drives

About This Policy

Effective Date: March 1974
Last Updated: July 2006
Responsible University Office: President's Office
Responsible University Administrator: President

Policy Contact:

Office of the President


Clarkson University encourages the principle of charitable contributions by its members to eleemosynary organizations of each individual's choice. Organized fund drives within the University should meet these three criteria:

  1. A volunteer organizer who is a member of the faculty, staff, or administration of the University will take personal responsibility for the fund raising effort; 
  2. The fund raising effort will be carried out without cost to the University (i.e., no University funds, materials, or duplicating machines will be used unless the University is reimbursed) except that internal use of University mail distribution is permitted; 
  3. The organizations involved will have qualified for I.R.S. income tax deduction. 


The President's Office has the sole authority to authorize charitable cash contributions from University funds. Individual departments/managers may not authorize charitable contributions from the University without the express permission from the President's Office.

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March 1974

Revised July 2006