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OM 3.1.16 Clarkson University Exit Policy

About This Policy

Effective Date: 1995
Last Updated: April 2008
Responsible University Office: Human Resources
Responsible University Administrator: Chief Inclusion and Human Resources Officer

Policy Contact:

Human Resources

The supervisor of an employee leaving the university permanently is responsible for completing the exit checklist. Academic deans are responsible for insuring compliance by faculty with university exit procedures and will notify the Human Resource Department when departing faculty have fulfilled the exit requirements.

A faculty member leaving the university under Policy 5.10.1 Sabbatical Fellowship or 5.10.2 Leave of Absence shall consult with their department chair and academic dean to insure that appropriate arrangements have been made regarding financial obligations and the use of university equipment and facilities. Recognizing that the purpose of the leave is to facilitate faculty development, the university will endeavor to support that development. Thus, it is anticipated that generally the faculty member will continue to have access to computer and telephone accounts, library materials, and that laboratory and office space will be maintained. Specific arrangements are at the discretion of the individual academic unit.


Approved Faculty Senate 1995

Approved Administrative Council 1996

Editorial Revision November 1997

Revised April 2008

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