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OM 4.2.1 Salary Plan

About This Policy

Effective Date: April 1985
Last Updated: March 2007
Responsible University Office: Human Resources
Responsible University Administrator: Chief Inclusion and Human Resources Officer

Policy Contact:

Human Resources

Faculty contracts are traditionally written to cover an academic year. Salaries to faculty on continuing appointment are normally paid on a bi-weekly basis (26 periods) over the fiscal year (July 1 - June 30). Initial year appointees receive the first year's contracted salary in equal bi-weekly payments with the first payment on the payday following the first full pay period following the date of employment.

The first four payroll periods of each fiscal year constitute salary advances to continuing faculty. Should a resignation of a continuing faculty member be effective after July 1, all salary monies advanced between July 1 and the date of resignation, less an amount proportionate to the time honored per the faculty member's contract, must be refunded to the University. In addition, if the resignation occurs prior to the first day of the academic year, all fringe benefit payments made on the employee's behalf must be repaid to the University.

Payroll deductions from salaries as required by law will be deducted as directed by federal and state guidelines.

Voluntary payroll deductions may be requested by employees, in writing, with approval by the Payroll Office.


Revised April 1985, September 1991

Editorial Revision January 2004

Editorial Revision March 2007

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