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OM 7.23.0 Partner Institutions for Graduate Study

About This Policy

Effective Date: April 2011
Last Updated: April 2011
Responsible University Office: Office of the President
Responsible University Administrator: President

Policy Contact:

Office of the President


Partner Institutions for Graduate Study are established for the purpose of incorporating graduate study at another institution in a Clarkson degree program. For example, a business graduate degree program that emphasizes global issues would be able to require students to do some of their course work at a partner university in another country, and a science or engineering graduate program would be able have degree programs that require students to do some of their work at a partner research laboratory with faculty from another university.

Partner Institutions for Graduate Study are established by a formal partnership and exchange agreement approved by Clarkson’s Provost. These agreements list the courses at the partner institution that can be used in the given Clarkson degree program. These lists are established through the following procedure:

  1. The individual courses that will be used in a given Clarkson degree program are evaluated for possible inclusion on the list by the Clarkson faculty associated with the degree program. 
  2. These faculty then recommend the list to the appropriate Clarkson academic administrators, and upon their approval the list is included in the partner and exchange agreement submitted to the Provost for approval. 

Once a list is established, the quality of the external courses is monitored by the appropriate Clarkson faculty and academic administrators.

The grades in courses taken at Partner Institutions for Graduate Study are assigned according to Clarkson’s grading standards and policy. These grades will be recorded on a student’s Clarkson transcript, and they may be used in computing the student’s GPA with the approval of the Dean/Director of the student’s Clarkson School/Institute.

The total number of credit hours a graduate student may receive from all external sources (Partner Institutions for Graduate Study plus graduate transfer credit from non-partner institutions) is limited to no more than 50% of the credit hours required for the student’s Clarkson degree program. (Note that graduate transfer credit from non-partner institutions cannot exceed 10 hours for Masters programs and 30 hours for doctoral programs.)
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Approved April 2011

Revised December 2019