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OM 2.3.0 - Duties and Responsibilities of Provost, Vice Presidents, Deans and Other Officers of the University

Policy Statement

The provost, vice presidents, deans, and other persons designated by the President (for example, a Chief Financial Officer) are the officers of the University under the president, and are appointed by the president as specified in Bylaw Article VII. They shall have titles descriptive of their areas of responsibility. Within each specified area, the officer represents the president in all matters. The officer shall:

  1. Provide leadership to achieve the highest possible level of excellence for the area and for the University; 
  2. Serve as representative and spokesperson for the area; 
  3. Supervise the execution of University policies within the area; 
  4. Formulate and execute area policies; 
  5. Be responsible within the area for personnel matters, assignment and use of space, facilities, equipment, and supplies; 
  6. Prepare and submit to the president, budget proposals for the area and provide supervision for funds allocated to the area; 
  7. Be responsible for all activities assigned to the area and serve as the president's representative within the area.


August 1974

Revised July 1977

December 1986

Revised October 2006

Editorial Revision January 2009