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OM 4.2.2 Salary Continuance - Faculty

About This Policy

Effective Date: August 1962
Last Updated: March 2008
Responsible University Office: Human Resources
Responsible University Administrator: Chief Inclusion and Human Resources Officer

Policy Contact:

Human Resources

  1. In case of absence from assigned and scheduled duties resulting from illness or other causes beyond the control of the faculty member, the University will continue salary payments for a period of one month. If the absence extends over a greater period, the Provost with reference to salary continuation will review the individual case. In such cases both the Human Resources and Payroll Departments should be notified.
  2. In the event of a death of a faculty member, the University will pay a minimum of two months salary beyond death or the sum remaining from a full salary for the semester less costs of replacement, whichever is greater.


    August 1962

    Editorial Revision March 2008

    Editorial Revision December 2019

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