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Create a URL/Link

To add a URL
  1. Turn editing on in the course.  image.png

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the topic/section where you would like to add the URL.

  3. Click on Add an activity or resource.

    1. Select URL from the window of options.


  4. Enter a Name for the URL. Important: the title should be the destination of the URL, NOT the URL itself.
    For example:
    Correct: Google Maps

  5. Paste the URL (example: in the External URL box.

  6. Expand the Appearance section and change the Display drop down from Automatic to New window (if available) or Pop up.

  7.  Click Save and return to course. image.png

  8. Check that the link works correctly.

Also see Create an active hyperlink within a Page, Label (Text/Media), Quiz, Forum and more.