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PaperCut - Scan to S:\ Drive


The Scan to S:\ Drive function is intended to replace Scan to Google Drive and provide a superior experience to Scan to My Email. When using the Scan to S:\ Drive function your scans will be stored in a folder on a network share that only you have access to. Scanned documents will live here for 30 days at which point they will be deleted. This function will provide better stability and more flexibility than other options currently available. 


Where are my scanned documents?

Location of Scanned Items: S:\Scans\<Username>

Alternative Location: \\\Shares\Data\Scans\<Username>


Can anyone else see my scanned documents/folder?

No. Your folder is safe from others. The only person that can see your folder and scanned items is you.

How long do documents stay in my scanned documents folder?

Scans will stay in your folder for 30 days after which point they will be automatically and irrecoverably deleted. Be sure to move your scans out of this folder if you intend to keep them long-term.

Why are documents automatically deleted after 30 days?

Scans are deleted after 30 days in an effort to prevent the share from becoming overwhelmingly large due to larger scan sizes. Especially with documents that are no longer needed/old. This share is not intended to be used for long-term storage but rather for the transfer of a physical document to a virtual document. 

I just scanned but I don't see my folder in the share. 

It can take up to 60 seconds before you can see & access your folder in the share. The GIF below illustrates this. 


I don't see my folder in the share and I haven't scanned anything with the Scan to S:\ Drive function yet.

Your folder will not be created until the first time you scan something using the Scan to S:\ Drive function.

Can I give someone else access to my folder?

Currently, we do not support allowing others access to your folder. Once documents are scanned we advise sharing the documents with others as needed via e-mail or Google Drive.

Will Scan to Google Drive be returning?

At this time we do not plan to reimplement Scan to Google Drive due to intermittent service issues outside of our control.